At String It Up we are committed to stringing professional top quality pockets for all lacrosse players worldwide. We are here for those players that need to have their stick refreshed.  Every time your materials get worn and used up you do not have to buy a new complete stick. Every head is custom strung with the finest quality performing products in the market.
String It Up operates by having our clients ship their New or Used lacrosse head(s) to us. Upon receiving the customers head(s) we apply the services chosen and then ship it back out within 3-4 business days. Our goal is to is string perfect pockets with immediate service, turnaround time varies based on shipping location. We also offer team stringing deals, send us a couple of your own heads or the entire teams and get even better pricing per pocket.


Here is the process broken down to get your lacrosse head strung 


  • Select pocket style from lacrosse stringing category
  • Select color scheme from pocket style chosen
  • Add to cart and complete your order
  • Print your invoice and ship it with the head to the address below


For customers sending their New or Used lacrosse head please ship to the following address:


String It Up

41 Stewart Ave.

Huntington, N.Y. 11743