String King Mark 2F Unstrung Black

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String King Mark 2F Unstrung


The Mark 2F face-off lacrosse head was designed for the perfect balance of flexibility, durability, and strength to dominate the X.

  • Ground ball dominance.

     Controlling the ball means nothing if you don’t control possession. The angled scoop of the Mark 2F makes it a ground ball vacuum so you can attack a loose ball from any angle.
  • Better materials.

     A new hybrid plastic gives the Mark 2F the perfect balance of flex and stiffness. It flexes when you need to grip the ball but holds its shape enough for consistent performance.

  • More Control.

     The Mark 2A is both light and stiff giving you faster hands, powerful shots and the accuracy you need to hit your target.

  • No Head Rattle. 

     3 lightweight locking bolts included with the Mark 2F goes through the front and back twice and from the sides, locking the head from all side to stop head rattle. 




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