String King Complete Junior 2 Stick White

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Complete Jr. Stick

The Complete Jr. is light, balanced, and correctly proportioned to make it perfect for backyard or youth league play.Recommended for ages 0-10Legal up to U11 youth league playComponents:Mark Jr HeadA7150 Jr ShaftType 2s MeshM Pocket
Why StringKing Complete Jr?

Great pocket.
It’s hard to learn the game if you can barely use your stick. The Complete Jr. comes with aperfect pocket right off the shelf, so you can enjoy playing and focus on getting better.
Wider head.
Lacrosse isn’t fun if you can’t get the ball in your stick. We made the Mark Jr. head a littlewider than our Mark 1, making catching easier and making lacrosse fun from the start.
Lighter shaft.
Little guys have little hands. The shaft of the Complete Jr. is narrower and lighter than astandard shaft, so young players can learn to grip and use their stick correctly.
Properly balanced.
The Complete Jr. is designed specifically for younger players. It’s properly balanced andproportioned to make it feel like a stick should.
6-month warranty.
We guarantee the Complete Jr. with a 6-month, easy to use warranty. In case anythingbreaks, just submit a claim and get your free replacement in as little as 2-3 days.
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