SIU 6 String Twist


6 String Twist


  • Highly recommended leather pocket
  • Superb hold and pocket structure
  • Symmetrical and balanced pocket
  • Smooth and consistent release
  • Some Maintenance required


This is a symmetrical pocket that consists of a twist down the middle leathers with an extra row of diamonds down the sidewall of the head.  This gives the player a deep pocket with amazing ball control without it being illegal or taking away from accuracy when passing and shooting, it may be the best traditional style in the market due to the consistency when this pocket is performing. This pocket does require maintenance especially when materials get wet and is recommended for players looking to enhance and advance their game.


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    All about consistency

    Posted by Ryder on 2nd Dec 2015

    This pocket provides a great channel across four leathers, providing you with a smooth, consistent release every time. The pocket takes a little bit of time to break in, but not as long as many other traditional pockets. Like a lot of traditional pockets, this one lacks top quality hold. If you're looking for a smooth, consistent release and good horizontal hold, this is a great pocket for you. If you prefer one-handed cradling, or you value hold over passing/shooting, then I'd suggest a different style.