Epoch Purpose Black Head w/White Rail Pocket

Was: $164.99
Now: $144.10

Epoch Purpose Strung with a Rail Pocket

The Purpose 15-degree technology occurs in the head which constantly drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot like no head before it. This
maximizes feel and control while dodging, as well as power and accuracy during a pass or shot.

The Rail Pocket offers 

  • Completely custom strung all in house using high quality materials. 
  • Eliminates use of a top string, a common issue in most other women's pockets. 
  • No more worries about center track pieces ripping. 
  • Allows maximum pocket depth. 
  • Exceptional hold and pocket structure for a smooth accurate release.


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  • 5
    Excellent hold and whip , and US made

    Posted by dan_newcomer@yahoo.com on 19th Dec 2017

    I bought this head with the hand tied ladder for my daughter after she cracked her 3rd brine dynasty 2 head. The 15 deg seems to allow her to put a lot more speed on her shot and the the low rails it’s all pocket and it’s legal. I like to treat her leathers with pine tar like you would a baseball mit and then stretch in a ball to from a sweet pocket. String it up dose a superb string job with quality leathers. Much better than the stuff I was getting from styling strings , and it was shipped with in the week.