Epoch 3D Women Lacrosse Mesh Black

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Epoch 3D Women Mesh 

Universal Fit - Engineered with Purpose - Made in USA

Epoch's 3D Elite women's mesh is designed to give players the ultimate advantage on the field. Engineered for the highest level of play in women's lacrosse, 3D Elite women's mesh features Tri-Diamond Technology which naturally tapers the mesh to help channel the ball to the sweet spot of the head. Tri-Diamond Technology also reduces side to side rattle found in conventional women's mesh, giving players advanced control when passing, shooting, or dodging.

The Power of Three
Using three different diamond sizes, Tri-Diamond Technology naturally tapers 3D Elite Women's Mesh to give you a deep pocket in the sweet spot while maintaining legality.

Accuracy Anytime
Tri-Diamond technology helps to lock the ball in the center of the pocket which reduces side to side rattle found in conventional women's mesh.

All Weather Performance
Constructed with HT Poly technology to keep your pocket consistent in all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments.

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