East Coast Dyes Carbon LTX Black

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East Coast Dyes Carbon LTX

 Whether you are dissecting the defense with your feeds or with your feet, you can be sure that the Carbon LTX will have your back.

With an all-new FLEX1 profile reinforced by TeXtreme®, the Carbon LTX is a lightweight weapon built for the offensive mastermind. TeXtreme® is an ultra-light and strong carbon fiber technologythat weighs 20% less than typical carbon fiber reinforcements. It reduces weight without sacrificing strength or stiffness and helps prevent micro cracks in your shaft. This resets the bar for carbon fiber shafts. KSPs Reinforced by TeXtreme®Means decreased weight, increased stiffness, and increased strength.  Lightweight  This is the lightest shaft in our line up and that is saying something. FLEX1 Rated as a FLEX1on our 10-point flex scale, this is the stiffest shaft in our lineup 

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